Probtain is able to provide all kinds of OEM services, such as putting a logo on mask, changing the designs of boxes, customized product color & size, specialized material combinations, and changing the ways of packaging etc.

Specific Business
Production Overview

Annual Production Capacity

0 Tons

Established 10 Production lines for the materials of SS/SSS/SMS/SSMS SSMMS/PP non woven, melt-blown and breathable PE film

0 Million Pcs

Set up five 100,000 grade clean room workshops and equipped over 70 automatic face mask production lines for medical face mask, surgical mask, ffp2 mask, kn95 mask and civil grade protective mask and so on.

0 Million Sets

Operated two 100,000 grade clean room workshops for medical clothing, such as medical protective clothing(protective suit), isolation gown, surgical gown etc.

0 Million Pcs

Organized individual in-flight product business unit, over 25 automatic lines supporting the production of disposable headrest cover, disposable pillow cover and pillow.

Xiamen Probtain

Xiamen Probtain Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019, with headquarter in Xiamen, China, it’s holding company is Xiamen Probtain Nonwoven Inc. set up in 2005, and the sister company is Probtain Jiangxi Eco-products Co., Ltd. joined the group in 2010, we are a high-tech company combined with the R&D, production, sales of new materials, medical products, in-flight products, and eco-friendly packages. And Probtain owns 2 self-built factory zones, each covering an area over 100,000㎡, and established excellent sales channels between Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

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