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  • Medical_Face_Mask_(1)
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  • YY0969 Single-Use Medical Face Mask

    Product Size: 145*95mm, 175*95mm
    Materials: 3 layers, 25gsm PP non woven + 25gsm melt-blown + 25gsm PP non woven 
    Color Options: Blue, black, white, pink, green etc. or customized 
    Standard Packaging: 50pcs/box, 2,000Pcs/carton
    Applicable Standards: YY0469-2011, YY0969-2013, EN14683 TYPE I, TYPE II, TYPE IIR, ASTM F2100 LEVEL 1/2 
    Key Performance: BFE≥98%, blood splash resistance≥120mmhg 
    cope of Applicable: Hospital, clinics, health center, pharmacies etc