Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture




 Company spirit - pragmatic, refinement, innovation, strong.

Company philosophy - do what you should do well and earn what you can earn.

Work style - do what you say and do well.

Leader's view of action: pursuing action, not inaction, not inaction.

Employees' behavior view - their own work = to do + to do + to improve.

Management concept - let every employee work hard.

Quality concept - make every user satisfied.

Cost concept - let every employee do "two things" (spend the company's money as if they spent their own money, do the company's business as if they did their own).

Market view - the market starts from the post, and the post interacts with the market.

The concept of using people - the concept of circulating water (water purification in circulation, people sublimation in competition).

Team view: flying in line with wild geese (leading by one wild geese, spreading wings by all wild geese; fate and common, step by step; clear goal, never move forward).

Innovation - discontent is the wheel of progress.